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the acoustic guitar and harmonica is the characteristic line in these album. the beautiful strings background and the male choir will give in all songs a special atmosphere.
orchestral, gentle, relaxing, meditative and cool.

Reviews about the Album
„Different Places, Similar Moods“ on Jamendo


Absolutely beautiful music. I enjoyed every note.


Songs die Geschichten erzählen, Musik die zum Reisen einlädt, dafür steht für mich vvs – music, design & more. Schon lange habe ich mich auf neue Titel von dir gefreut und wie schon so viele andere deiner Titel werden auch diese mein Musikprogramm bereichern. Ein herzliches Dankeschön von Hannover nach Hamburg.


This album takes you places . . . on flights of fancy and desire . . where gliding within the beautiful and mysterious melodious changes, we are swooping . . .. searching, the wind sketches dreams, and the heart sighs . . . as we fly through blue skies over cold shores and warm continents . . . searching, searching . .. the music creating beauty . . like a rebirth . . . like a sun rise in a lonely dark morning . . .and in the edges of that light, spreading like a wine stain . .. we see the margin of hope . . . and it grows in us. . . . and we fly with the music and that light . . . because we can . . .

– M^^W –



It’s so relaxing and good for reasting and meditation or praing. Very cool album and photo also.

… de culture, de voix.
Un bien bel album à écouter.


Très bel album qui vous transporte en tendresse et douceur. Tout ce que j’aime

It’s unavoidable to feel attracted by the immense lightness and beauty within this album. And it’s so gentle and self giving that loving it, is the easy of tasks… and so rewarding, that we sense almost as if it’s the own music, delivering inside of us, the love that we are feeling for it.


Seriously chilled music. Beautiful instrumental work. Amazing Africa is my fave.

Quel voyage magique !! Je suis sous le charme..
Merci pour le superbe partage.

Absolutely astonishing and beautifully atmospheric-al , and without doubt brilliant and heartfelt, and so sincere and gentle,loving and tenderly done. And has hints of seduction and bliss rolled inside it all.

And rest filled, relaxation and wonderful awe and sheer delightful to all my senses. That took me to many a paradises inside my minds eye. And I travelled the world.And saw many a beautiful and stunning celebrations of traditions and people coming together and rejoicing. And my first port of call was a place in Africa.. in the height of the hot,humid, midday sun. On a beautiful blessed day. And the local villagers where choir practising and then the male vocals kicked in. And the heavens above.Open up and the purity and grace of gods love. poured down on to them and covered them in dew drops of golden love and rays of divine light and goodness that was profound and magical and awe inspiring.

New Way..was relaxing, therapeutic and bewitching. And a light melodic tune from the acoustic guitar. That hummed and buzzed inside my heart and soul.And made me picture a child in her new cot. And her adoring and loving parents looking down onto her. And feeling such blessings and love from within them,going to their new born child and radiating within her sweet innocent heart and soul Profound and meaningful, sweet and wholesome, spiritual and majestic…

Winter coast… the sea breeze coming in from the north. and the bitter cold,is in the nip of the morning air. And the seashore is quite and deserted, and the peace and solitude, is a blessing and a haven for rest and rejuvenation. And therapeutic blessings, are felt and had here… at this profound spot on earth.I inhale in and feel the glory of this place protect me and heal me and make me feel whole again..

World under the dome…futuristic….and under a glass shaped dome..Upon another planet in another world and another time.I travelled their within my visions and heart. And I stood within this glass dome of a shelter. That was filled with everything beautiful, surreal and meaningful to me alone. I felt. The touch of the cold wind touch my skin. And Knew this place was sacred to me alone. And no window or opening was around this dome. As this was my secret places within my treasure loves within my minds eye. That i protected and kept with me..I nurtured and feed and kept them all safe,secure and happy.And the blessing I got in return..Made Me whole happy and free and content as could be..

E‘ un album bellissimo, dolce e meravigliosamente rilassante.
La musica di ogni brano riesce a tramettere splendide emozioni e a creare un’atmosfera speciale.
Bellissima la cover.
Grazie… @}->–