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What the people say around the World about his Music …

“Whooooo…winds of war…a majestic soundtrack. I love this dramatic in „winds of war“.
You are one of the best, for me !
Every song of you is telling his own story and the song title is always perfect!
Your music is a symphonic of visions and you are an awesome storyteller.”
Peter Tamdog – Germany

“Hi, I came by to hear your latest song,
and I have been captivated by your majestic, rich music again.
Every track here is a joy to the ears.
I am listening as I do my other internet chores,
and it is making a tedious time so much easier for me.”
Mary-CatherineConnolly – USA

“Just had to call round when I saw you had a new post.
Eerie start to this, as a journey of the imagination begins.
Full of magical sounds and tempo’s, Untold Tale is another wonderful listen.
Love that it is almost told in two parts, offering so much. Wishing you well.”
Melsi – USA

“What a master piece!
Listen to all of your music is like watch a great film, but this is definitely a monumental work.
See the people in a beautiful nature outlawed but absolutely free,
even what we lost at this times very often.
… Once again my friend, deep deep bow maestro!”
Chris Georgiou – Germany

“You do fantastic productions in music and picture.
Really enjoy your sound. Best regards from West Sweden!”
GUZ – Sweden

“You are one of the few artists where I am sure to love almost every piece of music.
This one is no exception.
Rather it is one of my big favourites from you.
But who knows? There may still come a lot of favourites from you.
Wonderful piece!”
Thomas Krug – Germany

“You have an amazing talent…..
Just beautiful (My dream remains unfulfilled) I feel the passion in it…the longing!
The title matches the feeling in the tune!!! Luv it! great work. ”
Debra Lee Andersohn – Canada

“Who said, great composers first have to die becoming famous ??
I dont know, cause, vvsmusic is still alive believe me, and,
he is really one of the greatest composers I know. regards Chris.”
Chris Georgiou – Germany

“no, i’m not a Popstar. … but i can make music. … i’m a composer, only an composer.”
vvs – music & more – …vvs answered …

“I immediately came here to listen to your tunes…..Wow!!
the music that you made is wonderful as usual.
Please keep up your great job!!! Greetings from Tokyo. ”
Hajime Hyakkoku – Momo-J – Japan

“Night Hunter is a majestic track.
I really can imagine to listen while watching the moon and the constellations.
Love the wonderful classic parts and breaks,
and the organ performances after 4 minutes are just cool.
Awesome progress with orchestral percussion and a nice dramatic finale.”
Pascal – Syngularity – Germany

“:-) I should think you have people queueing at your door
wanting to use your music for soundtracks for films etc..:-)
..I like everyting I`ve heard from you..:-)
Nice how this changes around the half way mark and those drums are BIG…..
Beautiful piece of music. peace n love mags :-)”
Margotmusic – Margot duBois – England/Swiss

“Yeah, The RatMan loves your work, a very excellant performance my friend,
well constructed, excellant drum work on this,
very strong song with great string work. Super dude.”
The RatMan – England

“Just listened to your music. Some very awesome stuff.
Your concepts are fascinating and you create great music with them.
The production is so good, I just love it.”
KOR – Australia

“i’ve enjoyed listening to your music today – so peaceful.
what a great range of styles you have here! your talents are quite eclectic.
i think my favorites are lazy vagabund and celtic way,
but i’ve really enjoyed them all. outstanding quality. :) jt”
Jasmine Tea – USA

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